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As you portfolio evolves, do you have the right partners to deliver on your growth ambitions?

Do you experience that partners are working very hard to sell a new part of the portfoliotrying to enter a new market or grab a bigger market share? But you are not generating enough new business and up-sell with your partners? Or that your quarterly business review is tricky and unpredictable every time? 

Your ambitions are big, you want to have the right focus for your team and your partners. You believe in the power of combining your stories and that there is more potential growth to unlock with a laser focused approach: less effort, predictable and more success. Now it’s time to start attracting, engaging, enabling and innovate (with) the ones that bring you further and are connected to your (shared) vision. 

Imagine IF.. you could bring your partner/channel team renewed energy and focus, get the right mindset in place and create your fundamentals of IPin just 1 day... 

Have the partners that help you increase your portfolio growth, deliver the customer value and fulfill your vision 

Outcomes of the workshop

  • Renewed energy and focus for your partner/channel team; where to grow your business 

  • Your fundamentals of IPP; who are our partners and what value can they bring 

  • A mindset of two way streetinnovation and enablement 

  • Input for your running business activities; like your channel/partner strategy

IPP workshop

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The effects

Increase your joint win rate

Recruiting the right partners

Two way street: innovation & enablement

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