Why we exist

Welcome to the people-centric business world!  Organizations that are not adapting to the changing business landscape, getting hit by environmental factors  and see growth as just a financial thing, will lose their people, their relevancy and in the end disappear. Join the thrivers that dare to take a different road and believe in converging 3 parts of growth: financial, people & happiness and transformation, the foundation of success. 

We inspire, activate and help organizations and their people making their growth strategy a reality, be happy and to unlock success. We believe in playing the infinite game and  the power of commercial togetherness to succeed externally: serving the market as kings or queens. Will you join us in this movement?

How we do that

Be relevant

Being relevant and successful requires more than having a great product. It requires a different growth strategy to generate recurring revenue and delivering value to your people and customers.

We developed the wheel of Growth & Happines. As your associate, we guide you how and where to grow with a commercial dream team on a mission converging the 3 parts of growth:

  • Financial growth
  • People & Happiness growth
  • Transformative growth

Do you know we connect our return of partnership on these parts as well?

IF Wheel of Growth & Happiness

IF we
help you

with our unique mix to play the game different


  • Choosing an unconventional and innovative account-based approach that generates recurring revenue growth
  • Chief Revenue Officer services like unique DNA-ICP™ and account-centric revenue waterfall model
  • Building and transforming your Sales & Marketing teams to one commercial team on a mission ​
  • Actionable, commercial, and cross-departmental strategies focused on interlocking Purpose, Go-to-Market and Campaign
  • People development and coaching to become better every day

Results with mastering the IF Formula

5x Higher account engagement realizes 533% pipeline increase

By engaging with more stakeholders in the buying group balancing human and digital touchpoints

Work Smart, play better

By adopting the IF Formula that leads to: happy employees = happy customers

83% Win rate with a 5x higher contract value

By embedding DNA-ICP™: your ideal and long-lasting customers

100% Fun & becoming better every day

By developing skills and competences of your commercial dream team

Up to 10x higher Customer Lifetime Value

By putting your purpose and values into action, claiming a topic in the market

One commercial dream team sent on a mission

By transforming siloed marketing/sales teams and metrics to a unified team with joint goal setting and measurement

Our experience

We connected, we partnered

we tried, we learned

and we delivered..

  • With roots in IT and digital building successful Go-to-Markets
  • Said “Goodbye” to products and “Hello” to subscriptions
  • Turning challenges into opportunities with positive business outcomes
  • Integrated transformations that realize growth & happiness
  • Successful integration of commercial teams
  • Proven models for delivering measurable results
  • Concepts for a fast time to market 
  • Choosing the best strategies and avoiding costly mistakes
  • Building the foundation for success
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What customers say

Ready to crack the code to hyper growth and happiness?

Pathway to success

  • Discovery call
  • Value analysis
  • Define with us your growth strategy improvements
  • Customized plan, connected to your growth strategy, incl. Return on Partnership
  • Performance based monthly subscription; your success is our success
  • No-contract lock in, we only want happy customers 
  • Pay as you grow; grow into our programs and services towards the 'Universe of Growth'
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