Why we exist

We are moving into a people-centric business world. Organizations that are not adapting to the changing business landscape and not responding to personalized customer needs, will struggle. They will lose their relevancy and in the end disappear. The thrivers will take a different road. They will connect their purpose to what customers want. 

We inspire, activate and help organizations and their people making their growth strategy a reality, be happy and to unlock success. We believe in the power of internal commercial togetherness to succeed externally as a 'king or queen', serving your market.

People in the heart, value from the start.

IF we
help you

Changing the game by: 

  • ​Adopting the DNA - Ideal Customer profile ™ to finding customers with the highest propensity to buy
  • Transform your Sales & Marketing teams to a dream team on a mission 
  • Generating high qualified leads & guaranteed relevant opportunities​
  • Choosing an Account Based Marketing approach that DOES work
  • Predictability and measurement in hitting targets and business objectives
  • Decreasing Customer Acquisition costs while increasing Customer Lifetime Value
  • Creating long-lasting happy customers

How we do that

Be relevant

Being relevant in the market requires more than having a great product. People and building relationships are the key differentiator. Do you struggle to evolve to that shift? Adoption of change, pressure of time, growing relationships with customers? This will have impact on time to market, customer lifetime value, business sustainability and costs.

We cracked the code and developed the IF Formula to:

  • Achieving your business objectives more easily
  • Becoming predictable in revenue growth
  • Growing in your commercial maturity
  • Transformations that lead to success & happiness
  • Laser focused execution with your talent
IF Formula

Cracking results to hyper growth with integrated Sales & Marketing

5x higher Account Engagement

That goes beyond the lead with the right balance between digital and human touchpoints

533% Pipeline increase

By enabling your commercial dream team

Up to 83% win rate

In desired customer base with DNA-ICP™

100% Fun

While becoming better every day

3% customers, 70% growth

By finding and creating true customers to drive-up growth

10x higher Customer Lifetime Value

By investing in talent and building customer relations

Our experience

We connected, we partnered

we tried, we learned

and we delivered..

  • With roots in IT and digital building successful Go-to-Markets
  • Said “Goodbye” to products and “Hello” to subscriptions
  • Turning challenges into opportunities with positive business outcomes
  • Integrated transformations that realize growth & happiness
  • Successful integration of commercial teams
  • Maximizing partnership investments and budgets
  • A proven model for delivering measurable results
  • Concepts for a fast time to market 
  • Choosing the best strategies and avoiding costly mistakes
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What customers say

Ready to crack the code to hyper growth and happiness?

Pathway to success

  • Discovery call
  • Value analysis
  • Define with us your growth strategy improvements
  • Customized plan, connected to your growth strategy, incl. Return on Partnership
  • Performance based monthly subscription; your success is our success
  • No-contract lock in, we only want happy customers 
  • Pay as you grow; grow into our programs and services towards the 'Universe of Growth'
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