Why we exist

For those who are open to innovate to get a competetive edge based on three pillars of growth, converging revenue, people & happiness and transformation.

We inspire, activate and help organizations realizing growth and happiness for their people based on commercial togetherness to accelerate recurring revenue, bring purpose into practice and to become better every day. 

Let's play the game differently; serving the market through togetherness.  Will you join us in this movement?

Wheel of growth & happiness

We are IF Associates, a true player of your team when it comes to rapidly growing your business. As your associate, we guide you how and where to grow. 

Based on the IF analysis, we advise what parts of the wheel are crucial to realize your growth ambitions. 

Your growth & happiness = our success.


IF Wheel of Growth & Happiness

Working process IF Associates


A unique mix
of services to
play the game different

  • Choosing an unconventional and innovative account-based approach that creates brand awareness and generates recurring revenue growth
  • Chief Revenue Officer services like unique DNA-ICP™ and account-centric revenue waterfall model
  • Building and transforming your Sales & Marketing teams to one commercial team on a mission, by slicing the elephant with actionabel initiatives
  • Actionable, commercial, cross-departmental strategies focused on interlocking Purpose, Go-to-Market and Campaign
  • People development and coaching to become better every day
  • Diagnostics, building, adoption, implementation & improvement based on methodologies, processes and frameworks with a fast track to impact

Results with mastering the IF Formula

5x Higher account engagement realizes 533% pipeline increase

By engaging with more stakeholders in the buying group balancing human and digital touchpoints

Work Smart, play better

By adopting the IF Formula that leads to: happy employees = happy customers

83% Win rate with a 5x higher contract value

By embedding DNA-ICP™: your ideal and long-lasting customers

100% Fun & becoming better every day

By developing skills and competences of your commercial dream team

Up to 10x higher Customer Lifetime Value

By putting your purpose and values into action, claiming a topic in the market

One commercial dream team sent on a mission

By transforming siloed marketing/sales teams and metrics to a unified team with joint goal setting and measurement

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