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Why accepting a 20% win rate when 83% is possible?

Do you experience that everyone in the team is working very hard to sell a new part of the portfolio , trying to enter a new market or grab a bigger market share? But you are not generating enough new business and up-sell? Or that your forecast is tricky every quarter? 

Your ambitions are big, you want to have the right focus for yourself and your team.
You believe there is more potential growth to unlock with a laser focused approach: less effort, predictable and more success.
You experience that Account Based Marketing is not bringing the conversion it should

Now it’s time to get the mindset of your team in the right direction, to start testing the waters with a new formula to generate recurring revenue and value for your customers and people. 

Imagine IF.. you could bring your team renewed energy and focus get the right mindset in place and create your fundamentals of ICP in just 1 day... . 

Get the mindset and focus in place your team deserves to choose the customers they love to work with. 

Outcomes of the workshop

  • Renewed energy and focus for your  team; how to grow your business 

  • Your fundamentals of ICP; who are our customers and what do they want

  • A mindset collaboration; commercial togetherness

  • Input for your running business activities; like ABM strategy, forecasting

ICP Workshop

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The effects

Increase your win rate to 83%

Renewed energy & focus

Right team mindset

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