Are you ready to change the game in which you generate revenue and deliver value today?  IF Associates is your Growth & Happiness Innovation Associate in the subscription economy. Entering our programs, taking our leadership services or in a mixture, we will make sure that we:

  • Bring deep strategic, commercial and cross-departmental expertise and experience​
  • Deliver unconventional and innovative commercial-based programs and services​
  • Develop the comptencies of your team to become better everyday
  • Realize growth and happiness for your organization and your people
  • Help you generate recurring revenue
  • Lower your customer acquisition costs
  • Increase your customer lifetime value
  • Guide you in your transformation
  • Are part of your team as we see your succes as our success

IF Formula Programs

Start with mastering the IF Formula.

The only formula in the market that provides the glue between the accountabilities of the revenue, marketing, sales and purpose-driven leaders to achieve predictable recurring revenue growth, realizes growth & happiness and will help you to become better every day.

Leadership services

IF you need servant leadership to change the game.

We help you build, transform, scale and grow your organization and people based on on the three pillars of growth: Financial, People & Happiness and Transformation.


"Do you know..."

One of the reasons why 52% of Fortune 500 companies disappear
is that they didn't adopt the subscription economy