A unique mix
of services to
play the game different

  • Choosing an unconventional and innovative account-based approach that creates brand awareness and generates recurring revenue growth
  • Chief Revenue Officer services like unique DNA-ICP™ and account-centric revenue waterfall model
  • Building and transforming your Sales & Marketing teams to one commercial team on a mission, by slicing the elephant with actionabel initiatives
  • Actionable, commercial, cross-departmental strategies focused on interlocking Purpose, Go-to-Market and Campaign
  • People development and coaching to become better every day
  • Diagnostics, building, adoption, implementation & improvement based on methodologies, processes and frameworks with a fast track to impact


Are you ready to change the game in which you generate revenue and deliver value today?  IF Associates is your Growth & Happiness Innovation Associate in the subscription economy. Entering our programs, taking our leadership services or in a mixture, we will make sure that we:

  • Bring deep strategic, commercial and cross-departmental expertise and experience‚Äč
  • Deliver unconventional and innovative commercial-based programs and services‚Äč
  • Develop the comptencies of your team to become better everyday
  • Realize growth and happiness for your organization and your people
  • Help you generate recurring revenue
  • Lower your customer acquisition costs
  • Increase your customer lifetime value
  • Guide you in your transformation
  • Are part of your team as we see your succes as our success


What is your biggest need/challenge to start with?

In urgent need of ICP, buyer persona profile, or messaging?


Togetherness-led growth GTM Model

Togetherness-Led Growth GTM Model
With a holistic approach we connect your brand, the teams, market potential and new frameworks and processes, to realize a fast time-to-impact, higher win rates and deal sizes and long-lasting customers. And, on top of that contributes to a positive culture as your Sales & Marketing team will be working together as one commercial team on a mission.

"Do you know..."

One of the reasons why 52% of Fortune 500 companies disappear
is that they didn't adopt the subscription economy