Meet Jeroen Hendriks

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I am passionate about preparing and equipping organizations in making their growth strategy a reality. I am a cross-departmental recurring revenue leader with people-centric mindset. Excited to share my learnings and best practices through providing leadership coaching and mentoring to help talent to navigate their journey to modern leadership. A trusted advisor for organizations who want to be relevant in the subscription economy with 10+ years experience in marketing, commercial and Go-To-Market leadership experience.

I am a proud member of the revenue collective family for commercial/growth leaders across the globe. 


My sweet spot is generating revenue for 'subscriptons' by building a commercial dream team. 


My values in action

Drive Execute Togetherness
Changing the game                 F.A.I.L to realize growth                 Getting the best out of  others
Turning challenges into opportunities Fast time to impact            Humor and positivity             
Be optimistic, the future is positive Work smart, play better       Run far together                    


I educate Revenue, Marketing and Sales leaders how to grow

  • Predictable recurring revenue up to multi-million euro total contract values with 83% win rate
  • A marketing/commercial team from 0 to 25+ employees delivering measurable results
  • Through 10+ innovative transformations making impact better, faster and sustainable with more fun
  • By building a commercial dream team that will create substantially more and long-lasting happy customers

With my roots in IT & Digital,
delivering predictable recurring revenue growth

Get guidance and experience to build your growth & happiness engine

My sweet spot is generating revenue for “subscriptions” by building a commercial dream team. Starting with your people, I figure out the best way in making your growth strategy a reality. I partner with your executive leadership team to change the game by realizing predictability in hitting targets and business objectives.

  • I help you make it happen

    From 3 year corporate strategy to laser focused execution

    Building the right strategy for the business and the ability to adjust and evolve with the market is crucial. However, if the departments and people do not pick it up it will be catching dust on your desk or die in the file share graveyard. I take ownership and share my best practice and methodologies on building, adopting, implementing and executing an end to end planning process that is impactful and fun. I will help you make strategy actionable and secure implementation, follow-up and that milestones and successes are being shared and celebrated! Your people will feel they matter and know that they belong.

  • I drive innovative transformations that make a difference

    Move into a people-centric business world.

    I have been integrating, transforming and innovating teams to be relevant in the market and realize growth and happiness. Where I I believe in? The power of internal commercial togetherness to succeed as a king or queen, serving your market. 

  • I future-proof your departments

    Be relevant and ready for growth

    I have been building a cross-departmental and cross-country marketing and commercial department delivering measurable results. The expectations on the marketing and commercial role are continiously changing, different skills and competences are needed to add value to the market, your customers and the internal organization. Attracting, keeping and retaining your talent is more important then ever in today’s people-centric business world. I build high performing and high trust teams that are ready for growth and people love to work in to add value from the start.

  • I show your talented people how to become the leader they want to be

    Leadership coaching and mentoring for your most critical team, your commercial team

    Being relevant in a subscription economy requires more than having a great product. You know people are the key differentiator. But does your talent know how to get themselves to the next level?

    My education and inspiration is focused on how to navigate the journey of your talent, to become the modern leader they want to be. I base my best practices on more than a decade of leading high-growth marketing, demand, commercial and GTM teams.

Selection of innovative transformations
driven by me

Increased growth of people and profit

From traditional isolated marketing to a modern integrated marketing department

Increasing commercial togetherness

From siloed sales & marketing departments to one commercial team

Outrageous conversion of 42% from lead to deal

From lead generation to integrated demand generation engine

Integrated business objectives, commercial targets and priorities

From activity/tactic based marketing planning to end-to-end marketing & sales planning & execution

Talent to create corporate strategy

From corporate strategy by executive team only to corporate strategy by role based team from all layers of the organization

Improving efficiency, excellence and collaboration 

From product-centric to audience-centric GTM strategy and role-based team