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“Out-of-the-box” demand gen engine

Building meaningful relations

Building the predictable engine your commercial dream team loves with the technology, processes and frameworks you need. 

Maximize your service provider partnerships

Enable and Innovate together

When introducing innovative ways of going to market to be able to engage and have relevant conversations with buyer profiles in the changing market, the vendor was positively “surprised”.

Does growth start with people or products?


To be relevant as an organization or a person/employee what approach would you take for your Go-To-Market? A or B?



For revenue leaders

8 steps to build a plan to achieve predictable revenue growth.

Another year is coming up, and the revenue growth number is being formalized with you in the driver seat to accomplish it.


Learning from my

The infinite game

The rules changed, there was no endpoint, nobody won or lost, some players where behind and some were ahead... 

Purpose without a spark

Imagine IF..

And there it was… Filling the gap in my mind. Don’t we all look for that spark in our (professional) life? Just earning money doesn’t fulfill. At least not for me…

Maximize your content marketing efforts

8 easy steps

Think about what can I do myself, where do I require training to uplift skills in my team or where do I need skills from outside the organization like an agency through fractional leadership to make it happen. 

Finding your true customers

A cultural shock to reach success together!

Let me tell you a story of a sales leader I worked with. When starting to pioneer on finding the customers with the propensity to buy some years ago, he was at first somewhat skeptical.

An appeal to put people in the heart

Growth to be remembered for. 

Will you act upon this responsibility?  


The 9 worst Go-to-Market myths

Building a Go-to-Market, seems so easy.

But you will be surprised what we discover every day. For us common sense, for others an eye opener.



Why is marketing enablement such an underinvested area?

And how to fix it?

It is time to get a marketing enablement program in place. 



Commercial team on a Mission

The shared responsibility for Sales & Marketing 

It is time to move from Sales and Marketing alignment to Commercial integration. Where integration is a shared responsibility to realize growth.


6 challenges with silo’s and how to build a bridge  

Rallying around the customer is high on the agenda. Action= needed. 

Are you serving your market?

Like Kings and Queens do?

Discover the power of commercial togetherness to succeed externally.  



A letter to commercial & revenue leaders

Subject: F.A.I.L.

Being relevant in a subscription economy requires more than having a great product. People are the key differentiators.

Unlock innovation and partner growth

Stop over railing with education 

Where partner enablement and innovation is a 2 way street. 

The ideal sales process

Shouldn't be about selling

A sales process that is about selling will never unlock all potential opportunities and deals. Isn't that where it is all about?

Market(ing) and Commercial controversial trends

To master for 2021

No, this is not your “feel good” trend list as most companies will probably debate them. Find 100 reasons for not adopting them instead of 1 reason just daring to do it.