Learning from daughter while having fun

I created and played a game with my daughter yesterday... Surprisingly she made it out of several board games, domino, a Jenga castle, etc.

Players like unicorns, princesses, ghosts and a reindeer came and went... My daughter was “leading” it off course ;) ... The rules changed, there was no endpoint, nobody won or lost, some players where behind and some were ahead. During the game she loved to collect and grow her 💎 “collection”, but also shared those with the other players. She learned me how to best find the ☁ cards, that I admired in creative ways. Ultimately we both lost the will to keep playing, lunch was calling :-) 

The infinite game I played with my daughter made me think of when both Liesbeth and myself got inspired by Simon Sinek for the first time some years ago. We had the privilage to see him live in Amsterdam last year where he presented his book “The infinite game”. We realized that if we want to play the business game right and in a way we enjoy, there is a lot to learn, so we took the opportunity to follow several super valuable online classes over the last months... 

Stepping in her fantasy and embracing her infinity mindset, made me realize how much we can learn from children.

What we can learn from children

Playing the infinite game