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The 9 worst Go-to-Market myths

  1. A cross-departmental GTM set-up will break silo’s and build bridges by itself 
  2. CEO sponsorship is a nice to have 
  3. We can skip market research & intelligence 
  4. Adoption of cross-departmental frameworks, methodologies and processes make us less flexible 
  5. We do not need to identify if we need an Ideal Customer Profile for specific offerings defined 
  6. Knowing your buyer personas, buying center and buying group is a nice to have 
  7. Sharing knowledge is just around the product / offering 
  8. Number of offerings brought to market equals success 
  9. Central drives the GTM, we do not need a feedback loop from the field / countries 

(Go-to) Market Approach

The only way to bring your offerings succesful to market.