From integrated goal setting to joint execution to meet business objectives.

You have plans for your business, marketing and sales. Ask yourself: Have the plans been truly connected and adopted? Or have you experienced disjointed execution, leaving potential market share on the table and effecting the the happiness of your talent?
Adopting an effective year planning that is tied to your ambitious business objectives is hard. 
Imagine if you would have a shared strategy, from goalsetting to execution, from optimization to acceleration. It al start with a plan, connected metrics and measurement. 
IF you want to enable and equip your commercial dream team to realize predictable revenue growth, we help you roll-out a commercial planning process that is both valuable and fun. 

Ingredients Integrated Planning program

  • Driving cross-departmental adoption and relevance
  • Adoption & implementation of transformation journeys
  • Guided planning sprints with milestones
  • Measurement, optimization and sharing success
  • Unique Linkedin approach for DNA-ICP accounts


Integrated commercial year planning tied to your company strategy with HQ and local play in the right balance.


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5x increase of contract value

Faster time to impact

Cross-departmental integrated planning

100% fun

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