Why choosing for a 2% conversion from lead to deal if you can choose for 42%?

Only 18% of organizations met over 100% of their revenue goals last year. Do you experience that everyone in the team is working very hard to sell a new part of the portfolio or trying to enter a new market? But t you are not generating enough new business and up-sell? Or that your forecast is tricky every quarter?

There is more potential growth to unlock with a laser focussed approach: less effort, predictable and more success.

Why? When you are  building a house, its is critical to have a solid foundation. That's the same in growing your business.

Choosing for the DNA- ICP program, will help you to achieve a win rate of 82% and 5x higher dealsize. And last but not at least, you choose the customer you would love to work with. 

The only ICP in the market connecting your DNA with your desired customers. 

You probably wonder how. We tell you; This approach goes beyond demo-/geographics, these are just the broad brushstrokes. Connecting it to ethosgraphics and psychographics is where the magic happens. Is there a match on culture and value? Do you have a higher goal/purpose in common? Just some examples of matchmakers. 

Based on the outcome of an improvement strategy session and your maturity on ICP, we will advise which steps are required to build the foundation for success. We will guide you through the process to adopt and implement it in the organization.

Ingredients DNA-ICP Program

  • Customer/partner strategy: new and up-sell
  • Guidance to identify and select your handpicked accounts
  • Customer & internal interviews
  • Unique sales navigator approach
  • Customer panel/peer2peer
  • Account intelligence enrichment

We see IF as a game changer to scale our business. Engaging with the rights customers is key, so we can focus our sales and marketing efforts to people who align with our business technically and culturally.  Matthew Frost, Managing Partners at Uptic

Our results

42% lead to deal conversion

5x higher contract value

83% win rate

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