Tying marketing enablement investments to strategic priorities?

Continuous change is happening in marketing for a long time. Expectations on marketing are skyrocketing to drive business growth and impact. Marketing is expected to be market-led, customer-centric, sales-driven. Unless you tie investments in marketing enablement to strategic business priorities you are in a difficult/dangerous place to get investments signed off. It is time to get a marketing enablement program in place.

That focus on attracting, keeping and retaining talent. That provides an environment for learning and growing, while being happy. Enhancing skills, competences of people. Providing your talent career progression in your team, organization or somewhere else... 

Some features of programs I have experience with: 

  1. Create a set of shared competences for the marketing function based on your cultural values, vision of your department and business strategy  
  2. Create specific skills and competences for functions like for example field marketing, demand, GTM, campaigns, brand. 
  3. Connect enablement investments to increasing skill and competence levels that the business needs 
  4. Reward skill/competency enhancement in value based packages and with career progression 

Do not forget to celebrate enhancements and have fun while becoming better every day. And of yeah, if you start integrating sales and marketing enablement into commercial enablement then you really give your commercial dream team the enablement boost it deserves. 

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