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Hi Commercial hero’s!

5 years ago I was asked by the CEO of the organization I worked for during the company KO “if I could scale the demand gen success I had in the Netherlands towards the rest of the group”.

After setting up an integrated demand generation engine with a ROI of 6:1 in the Netherlands the “demand” was high for this. 
In the next months I took responsibilities on my plate and helped to get countries set-up for integrated demand generation. 
Everybody wanted to have a taste of the success, but some were more willing to pay the price for it. As change means also saying good bye to things you have always been doing. 
A few months later I was asked to lead the group marketing team. 

My take away: 

  • If you want a promotion, you better start delivering upon the expectations of it prior to being asked for it. 
  • Share knowledge to local sales and marketing teams, connect them with champions from areas where this has been implemented already 
  • Get field executive sponsorship in place. 
  • Set realistic goals and define what is required from the local teams. 

Bonus tip: make sure you make the difference where (in which countries in this case) it matters if all eyes are on you. 
And you know they are. Choose wisely, but last but not least... make impact while having fun. 

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