Want to create content that resonates and drives recurring revenue?

Center it around your buyer and make it human.

Here are 3 parts you want in: 

  1. A talk with your buyers planned? Capture the conversation (by recording and transcription) into voice and written content. 
  2. Inspired by how the market is changing and a shift is happening? Create a transformation journey out of it and define the aspirational identity of your buyer.
  3. Ready to be the guide for your hero? Make sure you have a plan in place and connect your offering to making the transformation of your buyer a reality. 


An example here with the "Guide changing role IT Manager" and what it realized. 

  • Thousands of engagement across Europe 

  • Adding value in the journey for the buyer 

  • Created demand and impacted pipeline that closed millions of € of recurring revenue 

  • Earned the # 1 spot based on the # of downloads in several European markets 

  • Helped commercial people in conversations with buyers connected to the consultancy/transformation and recurring revenue offering

Overall the content has shown to be quite accurate. It was predicted rather well how the role evolved in a 5 year period 

Remember: Make sure your content enables and inspires your buyers, every step of their journey. 


Resonating content and conversations

With a human voice