How can both parties get truly excited about it and see the value in it?

First of all, I believe the customer is the hero, you are the guide.

Are you with me? There are six key parts of a news item: 

1. Make the headline about the customer: How the customer will lead or strengthen its position in a certain area through something you will help the customer to reach 

2. Include the customer's goals: how they are progressing and how you are going to help them 

3. Include a customer quote: that talks about the buying process and the value you have delivered there and what made them choose you. 

4. Include challenges/problems and needs of the customer: Make sure to tie these to KPI's like increasing ARR. 

5. include your own quote: where you include the value (proposition) you will deliver. That you are super excited and thankful to be able to contribute to their purpose, vision. 

6. Your offering: what will you offer (product, service, program, subscription etc.) and to which business outcomes is this connected like faster time to market, decreasing costs. 

A win-win, right? 


Run fast, Run alone


Run far, run together