Big bets for your company and your career

8 years ago I walked into the office of my MD, 1 hour later I came out with a game plan, a big bet for the company and my career.

We had a tough conversation, we were visible with our marketing but not driving tangible results. 

His question was: "What would happen if we close down the marketing shop now?" 

My answer: "Sadly, we will probably hear that we would miss out on the sandwich events." 

My question back: "What would it mean for you if we improve, modernize and innovate our marketing? If the sales team would complain that they get too many relevant leads? 

I got 1 year to make it happen, not because he told me but because I said so. 

Sometimes you need to take a calculated risk, if everything will stay the same nothing will change. 

He was my biggest sponsor, I had so many learnings. 

From truly collaborating to achieve revenue targets with the senior sales leader - who later turned into my mentor - to actually speaking and engaging with customers. 

Here is where my journey to integrated demand generation started and I am forever grateful for that. 

What big bets are you taking for your company and your career? 

Run fast, Run alone


Run far, run together