IF Leadership Services

Our IF innovate and transformational leaders will help you build, transform, scale and grow your organization and people based on the IF wheel of value (hyperlink) and IF formula (hyperlink).

IF Leadership services

Take a look at our leadership services and how they can benefit you and what potential results you can expect.

  • Fractional Leadership

    Fractional innovative and transformational leadership with performance accountability.

    The benefits for you

    • Budget-friendly; getting % of the experience and commitment in innovative transformations without paying a full time wage for it.
    • Highly flexible: From a specific purpose and project you need to bringing a skill set to the table you currently do not posses.
    • Try before you buy with market leadership that can have different hats on like GTM, Commercial, Marketing, Demand Gen, Purpose and more.


    Your potential results

    • Disciplined education and action of the IF Formula: a new and faster formula to generate recurring revenue and delivering value to your customers and employees.
    • Proven competency development methodology to attract and retain your talented people.
    • You can have trust in achieving business objectives because of alignment from strategy to execution while helping you find your ‘fortune’ with the IF wheel of value.


  • Strategic Advisory

    Trusted guidance to help you make the best possible decisions to be relevant in the market.

    The benefits for you

    • Guide you through the ongoing process of pioneering, prioritizing, strategizing and effectively measuring and scaling the success of your commercial teams.
    • Help you to turn challenges that block growth into opportunities that set you on the road to predictable growth.
    • Help you to get stakeholders interlocked by setting clear goals and measurement of success to accelerate growth and happiness.

    Your potential results

    • External experience and guidance to build and scale a world-class growth & happiness engine
    • In control, as priorities are aligned and connected to your business strategy
    • F.A.I.L. to innovate and transform to be relevant
  • Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

    Dedicated 1-on-1 coaching, mentoring and development for market leadership you value deeply.

    The benefits for you

    • Your coach in creating a commercial dream team culture and driving innovative and transformational cross-departmental approaches that can scale and deliver value with speed.
    • Learning how to be a valuable, modern, purpose-driven and contributing member of the executive and leadership team.
    • Help you to get stakeholders inspired, onboard and interlocked by setting an aspirational vision and defining milestones, goals and measurement of success to accelerate growth and happiness.

    Your potential results

    • Making impact better, faster and sustainable with more fun.
    • Accelerate your growth and happiness, invest time and dedication into the market leadership you value deeply - and reduce the amount of time you as CxO need to spend on it.
    • Ambitious and optimistic, live your purpose and follow your dreams.