What is a purpose without a spark?

Since a few years I am inspired by Simon Sinek and purpose driven leadership. For me it gives a meaning to the way you practice modern leadership, learning how to serve others. That leadership doesn’t mean specifically you have a line of reporting. What it means to me is what place you take, helping others to grow, a place where you feel safe to experiment, where innovative ideas get a voice.

Where I struggled with, was the translation to my own language. When I explain purpose, it comes to a goal or a passion. 

When you are a perfectionist and impact driven as I am, these are not the words I am looking for to express my ambition and aspiration.

Giving a meaning to…  is a beautiful one as well. But I am giving meaning to my working life, to my family, friends. So, that doesn’t answer my search.

Somewhere I got stuck in giving a good translation to purpose. But there came the post of @Alejandra Ortega, (a young spirit with an old soul) I met in an online meeting about purpose. She wrote about the spark inspired by the movie ‘Soul’.

The same evening, me and my kids watched the movie. There it was, the right word... Don’t we all look for that spark in our (professional) life? Just earning money doesn’t fulfill. At least not for me…

I took control, stopped my job, started my own business with a fantastic associate, follow my heart. And there it is I am feeling that spark in complying my purpose, helping others to realize growth and happiness.




Just earning money doesn't fulfill

At the end we all need that spark.