Serving your market as Kings or Queens?

You have everything in place to serve your market as a king or queen. Your product is ready, target market set (maybe even selected your ICP’s), agreement on financial targets, you developed a campaign to create awareness and generate demand. As a thriver you are likely to take a different road as you are aware that if that if you lose your relevancy, at the end your company will disappear.

So serving your market successfully, can be hard.  It asks focus on your audience, dedication to engage, long-term thinking, while acting on the short term, knowledge of the ever-evolving market, , etc..

What I see in the market is that most businesses primarily focus on the external. But did you ever consider the power of commercial togetherness to succeed externally?  

The conservatives have a siloed marketing and Sales approach. Marketing is doing its thing, measured on leads, number of attendees and Sales is accountable for revenue.

The ones that took the first steps in transformation have marketing and sales aligned do a much better job. Goals are clear, marketing delivering sourced and influence pipeline. Sales owns the sales funnel.

The ones who are ahead create a commercial team.  Where integrated goal setting and joint execution is in place to make impact in the market. Where the funnel isn’t about a department, but about revenue where Sales and Marketing both take full responsibility, ONE dream team with a clear mission; adding value to customers and realizing growth.




The power of commercial togetherness

To succeed externally.