Go-To-Market: 6 challenges with silo’s and how to build a bridge 

Rallying around the customer is high on the agenda. Action= needed.

  1. Each silo has its own vision or nothing in place, ultimately creating disjointed experiences for customers and harming growth 
    ➡️ Create a joint vision and live it. 
  2. If culture is just a poster with values on the wall, it is super easy to navigate away from it 
    ➡️ Make sure you have a (sub-)culture embedded of going to market and driving growth together.
  3. Incentives may motivate to exploit and damage brand and reputation in order to boost short- term outcomes 
    ➡️ develop incentives aligned with your strategy on customer-centricity and long-term impact.
  4. Poorly integrated/connected teams suffer from ineffective collaboration 
    ➡️ set-up integrated processes.
  5. Silo’s interest is blocking the adoption of scalable programs 
    ➡️have leaders who act as a facilitator/consultant, share knowledge, drive adoption of frameworks and best practices.
  6. Win alone and lose alone 
    ➡️ celebrate
     your first attempts in learnings as well as your successes and improvements together.  

Foundation: central GTM team ➡️ central & local GTM teams connected. 


Run fast, Run alone


Run far, run together