Crafting your sales deck

It is not easy, to craft a story deck... But the story needs to be told, inspired by amazing people. Starring the hero - YOU the one who dares to take action!

An outline below of our story deck: 

  • A big relevant change in the world ➡️ it is centered around people... 
  • Winners & losers ➡️ the thrivers kings or queens do. 
  • Villain ➡️ greedy & a love for spreadsheets... 
  •  The promise land ➡️ what do commercial people expect to unlock success? It is not only the paycheck what makes them happy 😉. 
  • “Magic gifts” for overcoming obstacles to the promise land ➡️ IF brings you a new and faster formula for recurring revenue and value, performance commit in qualified pipeline.
  • Evidence that we can make the story come true ➡️ our customers, amazing people and cracking results of our formula to hypergrowth. 


Ready to go through the script? And become the next star? 
Or also curious how we can help you create a script for yourself and your customers? 

Don’t hesitate, take the role(s) and get in contact! We love to her and create your story. 

People in the heart

Value from the start