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but a foundation to create iconic moments for artists in the world of NFT/web3.0

From intrigues into a purpose-driven scalable go-to-market for digital goods

Market insights for product development and innovation

People development
Bringing the team to the next level with the right discipline and ammunition to go to market where the magic happens


'Fighting for art; the voice of humanity'

Building block 0
Great brands have a strong purpose

Your purpose is your moral compass, it inspires and drives you by the things you do, forever. A vision is need to keep focus on what you would like to achieve one day. And your mission to bring it into action today.

Finding the purpose as foundation to go to market

Redefined Purpose, Vision & Mission

Purpose: 1-800-number believes in connecting audience and purpose by creating iconic moments 

Vision: 1-800-number will liberate the creator economy because they care about art

Mission: Being THE elite digital agency that connects art + commerce for visionary brands & creators

Building block 1
Market potential connected to what success looks like

If you don’t have a clear view on the market, the share you can take and define when you are successful, it is hard to do the right investments in product development, resources and activation initiatives. 

Getting the right insights to define GTM strategy development

Market potential (volume & $), target audience and goals & KPI’s for digital goods (brand, existing artist upsell, new artists, churn)

Target market defined for initial outreach = List of 5000 artists
Insights for product development & innovation


Building block 2
Who are the artists we want

We all have been there. Spending ages on a deal and then they buy elsewhere.

If you want that your internal and external resources work efficiently and effective, it is crucial to find high-value customers.  These are the ones you have a true match with - An ideal customer profile with a DNA match.

Defining customers with the highest propensity to buy based on our purpose

An entry DNA-Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) & actions

Defined focus on artists with specific audience (ideal artist profile)

Building block 3
Getting to know the buyers: Artist Manager, Artist & Creative Director

A good Go-to-Market strategy identifies and understands the target audience. It is crucial to deliver a unique value proposition to customers to take a competitive advantage.

A collaborative approach to personas, messaging & value proposition

Buying group and scenario, 3 x buyer persona with messaging and value proposition. Messaging + content/channels mapped to buyer journey

Deep understanding of the buyers to bring the team to the next level (content, communication, outbound & sales)

Building block 4
Translating their purpose to a topic to claim in the market

It is time to bring  values, belief and social cause into action. Inviting others to join in that movement. 1-800 number cares about art ants to be the tissue between artists and fans and the validation of art.

Create a trust-worthy topic that resonates with the audience 

New game (Hello) vs. Old game (Goodbye) narrative, Profile first movers of the movement, A trust-worthy topic that resonates with the audience

Join 1-800-number in: "fighting for art; the voice of humanity" 

Building block 5
Ready to go to market where the magic happens

To be successful in a GTM it is important to have a structured framework and enable employees and third parties to execute succesfully. 

Validate and consolidate all building blocks
Market insights, a GTM playbook and business model canvas
Helped the team with transforming from intrigues into a scalable-purpose driven Go-to-Market, as foundation for a new revenue stream