IF unconventional trends

No, this is not your “feel good” trend list as most companies will probably debate them. Find 100 reasons for not adopting them instead of 1 reason just daring to do it. The thriving commercial teams will see them as big opportunities to lean into in 2021 and build the foundation for making their growth strategy a reality. These smart companies and leaders are already changing the formula in which they generate revenue and value today.

Imagine if you could 

  1. Innovate your market approach, the only way is to fail fast and hard 
  2. Quickly navigate in unpredictable business conditions, don't structure up for a sprint 
  3. Implement a world-changing purpose across your business, don't think big 
  4. Plan for predictable commercial success, ditch your marketing plan
  5. Unlock 70% of your potential growth, dare to say “No” to 97% of the accounts in your market 
  6. Be relevant in the subscription economy, do not rely on your product 
  7. Send your commercial dream team on a clear mission, stop with relying on sales & marketing alignment 
  8. Truly inspire and engage with your business audience, stop the business talk 
  9. Be relevant in a conservative c-suite, change the game 
  10. Get a fast time to impact, don’t jump into campaigns directly 

    A big opportunity for those who dare to change the game in B2B marketing and commercial. IF Associates believes in the power of internal commercial togetherness to succeed externally as a ‘king or queen’ serving their market.

Turn challenges into