For Revenue leaders this is probably a recognizable story..

Another year is coming up, and the revenue growth number is being formalized with you in the driver's seat to accomplish it.

You have plans for Marketing and Sales. Ask yourself: "Have the plans been truly connected and adopted? Or have you eperienced disjointed execution, leaving potential market share on the table?"

Delivering one integrated end-to-end commercial plan to achieve predicable revenue growth, could be a challenge.

But there is a solution

Adopt an effective yearly planning cycle that is tied to your ambitious business objectives, by rolling-out a commercial planning process that is both valuable and fun. 

We can tell you, the exercise has a big impact on your commercial togetherness score for your revenue generating teams! 

Here are the steps - some require input - that marketing and sales kickoff with a commercial planning session to cover the value. 

Communication = key for all

The roadmap to success in 8 steps

  • STEP 1: Company strategy

    Let’s set the direction for your company. Yes, this is what success looks like on an overall company level.

  • STEP 2: (Local) business plan

    Get your business objectives in place, both financial and none-financial. Define what growth you can potentially unlock.

  • STEP 3: Segments, goals, priorities targets

    Define your segments you want to focus on in order to achieve your growth number. It is critical to define your DNA-ICP accounts with the highest propensity to buy.

  • STEP 4: A strategic roadmap

    Map your commercial transformations, strategies and programs to your problems and opportunities Let’s get into action-mode and define what is needed to turn commercial challenges and patterns into opportunities & positive business outcomes

  • STEP 5: Market approach

    Focus, focus, focus. Did we say laser-focus? Let’s go into the market together to deliver value to your customers and stand out of the crowd.

  • STEP 6: Commercial tactics and activities

    Decide which channels and platforms you will be on and tie your investments in resources and time to it. We would say be on the channels and platforms your buyers are.

  • STEP 7: Continuously improve

    Plan, set and improve. With the right integrated sales, marketing and business metrics in play, you make sure you all navigate in the right way.

  • STEP 8: Celebrate together

    From learnings to success and achieving important milestones. Life is too short to not celebrating it.

And yes, in this way you can easily adapt the integrated plan in the year. We have seen the importance of that in 2020.

But when you plan & execute together you are on the right path to become one commercial dream team on a mission in making your growth strategy a reality.