A sales process that is about selling

will never unlock potential opportunities and deals.

Many companies are designing a sales process with stages and actions all about them and the internal conversion. Ask yourself, if you where the buyer, would you find that a great experience? Would you trust that? Is that the partner you are looking for? Thereby these companies are actually missing out on potential opportunities and deals. 

IF takes a different path. A path where value between the buyer and the seller is being exchanged. By designing a process where potential customers can make the best decisions in line with their aspirations, goals and ambitions. Where they can find the partnership that suits them and the solution that solves their pain and addresses their need. And if it becomes clear that we are not the partner for them, and they are not the partner for us, that is OK we would say. 

Maybe we should call it the “buyer and seller value exchange” process.


People in the heart, value from the start

The value exchange

Connecting the buyers journey to the sales process