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28th of December 2020 

Dear commercial and revenue leaders, 

Organizations across all industries are increasingly turning to subscriptions to set their business up for future growth and success. Being relevant in a subscription economy requires more than having a great product. People are the key differentiators. 

It is OK to acknowledge if you need guidance, training and development to get your company’s people first strategy implemented for your commercial or revenue team. 

You probably have learned hard things in the past? 

Have failed (First Attempt In Learning) and then succeeded, so demonstrated the grits and guts necessary to tackle and overcome new challenges? 

The department leading the people first strategy is there for you to drive the transformation and help the people in your organization to successfully implement it. But sometimes you just need access to innovative and transformational leaders that help you truly change the game. That care about your team and success. 

Be vulnerable, open and honest. Eager to learn and embrace change. Resilient with a growth mindset.  In today’s leadership it is not what you know, but how fast you learn, educate others and can take action. 

We look forward to 2021 in helping to make your organization’s growth strategy a reality. 

Yours sincerely, 


Jeroen Hendriks 
Co-Founder & CRO at IF Associates 

Being a modern leader

True leaders serve their teams. Share knowledge, be open, dare to try to innovate, see it as your responsibility helping others to grow.