Where partner enablement and innovation is a 2 way street

I have worked with more than 40 IT technology vendors across the board in the last 10 years as one of their (strategic) partners. In this journey I have experienced that some technology vendors are open to do things different and consistent with their partners to get most value out of the partnerships. Where partner enablement and innovation is a 2 way street.

Here are 10 things that I have seen that will make a difference for both parties: 

  1. Define what market share to take; so know where to grow 
  2. Conduct market research & intelligence as this information will help them both to become / stay relevant 
  3. Build joint value propositions, focus on the power of the joint solution told through a story 
  4. Define a DNA-ICP (Ideal Customer Profilefor specific are offerings 
  5. Drive pilots to innovate by selected partners 
  6. Adopt shared cross-departmental frameworks and processes that increases time to market and impact 
  7. A program for attracting, recruiting, keeping and retaining partners from both sides 
  8. Share knowledge beyond the product/offering 
  9. Success is both looking back - e.g. revenue won - as looking forward - e.g. shared vision & strategy 
  10. A feedback loop in place to improve the partner strategy 

Attract, engage, enable and innovate (with) the partners that bring you further and are connected to your (shared) vision. Start with giving your Ideal Partnerthe trust, attention and investments they deserve and you both will be on the road to growth. 

It takes two

To tango