Maximize your service provider partnerships

Let me tell you a story of a vendor I worked with over the last decade. 

When introducing innovative ways of going to market to be able to engage and have relevant conversations with buyer profiles in the changing market, the vendor was positively “surprised”. 

They said lets pilot this as long as we enable each other and innovate together. 

I look back at a fantastic journey where we challenged and developed each other. Yes we did FAIL a lot… to be able to transform, innovate and grow successfully. 

From a demand generation engine to implementing an Ideal Customer Profile segment and an Integrated campaign strategy to a customer-centric GTM approach. 

We won an awards for this. But the feedback from one of the leaders from their partner organization was what really mattered to me: 

“I have sessions with hundreds of partners per year. This is light years ahead of the rest and in the top-3 of what I have seen.” 


Not all partners should go in “a one way enablement street”… 

Attract, engage, enable and innovate (with) the ones that bring you further and are connected to your (shared) vision. 

Start with defining and adopting your Ideal Partner Profile. 

The power of commercial togetherness

To succeed externally.