Commercial team on a Mission

The shared responsibility for Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing alignment is still too often seen as the priority and responsibility of marketing "to fix or get in place". Where sales is the customer of marketing. While there might not even be an appetite for that alignment from sales. 

It is time to move from sales and marketing alignment to commercial integration. Where integration is a shared responsibility to make it happen.  

Where the customer - or the customer of the customer - is the customer. Where the COMMERCIAL DREAM TEAM is hungry for success and FAIL (First Attempt In Learnings). 


Our top 5 company priorities to drive commercial integration: 

  1. Get a commercial strategic vision in place. Adopt a transformation journey with your team.
  2. Implement a commercial planning and execution process so you know where to go and grow together. 
  3. Establish a DNA-ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) segment - for prioritized portfolio area offerings. 
  4. Deploy a demand generation engine that builds meaningful relations across new business and existing customers. 
  5. Make impact and fun together and celebrate those successes as a team. 


If you want to boost your togetherness, start building your commercial dream team now. 

Being a modern leader

True leaders serve their teams. Share knowledge, be open, dare to try to innovate, see it as your responsibility helping others to grow.