Finding your true customers: a cultural shock to reach success together

Let me tell you a story of a sales leader I worked with. When starting to pioneer on finding the customers with the propensity to buy some years ago, he was at first somewhat skeptical.

He said: "let us give it a good try as long as we do this together between marketing, tele-sales and sales."

When results came in and it was proven to be an extreme success he said: “You know Jeroen. I see this as the sniper rifle. Not adopting it would be like going back to the trenches and shout run and attack.” 

After we started to pioneer, we entered the next stage to scale it. Driving adoption in the organization and teams. Why? We were aware that this innovation was a cultural shift  and probably a shock for some. 

What can you expect when you embark on a journey like this? 

Get ready for 

  • Lower volume of leads, higher levels of account engagement – Say what, we get less leads 
  • Higher cost per lead – Serious, do we get less leads and have a higher price per lead 

Can we still get out of it?! 

  • Much higher conversion to sales qualified opportunities – Ok now we are talking money 
  • Lowering our cost of acquisition – My CFO will be happy 

Tell me more! 

  • Skyrocketing high win rate – The C-suite will love this; predictable revenue is coming in 
  • Customer Lifetime Value – Wow, a value exchange between my customers and talent 

The time is now to create your story, the time is now to move the needle, the time is now to work smart, play hard. 

I look forward to 2021 and beyond to help organisations in finding their true customers. 

Choosing this approach will deliver extreme outcomes

IF you want a winrate of 83%, IF you want 10x higher CLV, IF you want to turn customers into advocates.