Exivity has fortified its position in the hybrid cloud billing market by implementing IF's Togetherness-Led GTM (Go-To-Market) Methodology

2 April 2024

Exivity.com, the transparent innovators behind automated hybrid cloud metering and billing, are on a mission to create the world's most user-friendly charging and rating engine. Their goal was ambitious: to develop a scalable and sustainable Go-To-Market (GTM) blueprint that accelerates processes from months to weeks, and then to days—achieving results at lightning speed. With a pragmatic and focused approach, they aimed to unite as a single GTM team, ready to seize a strategic opportunity in the market.

This was the challenge Exivity presented to IF Associates, the wizards of rapid and scalable GTM strategies.

Challenge accepted. Moving forward at lightning speed, we achieved success together through:

  1. Mutual understanding of the defined components necessary for building the growth engine.
  2. Definition of one authentic story to present to the market.
  3. Mutual understanding of the ideal customer profile for a new market segment.
  4. Valuable feedback and assessment of Exivity's current position, potential improvements, and benchmarking.

Discover Exivity's authentic story as a cornerstone of our Togetherness-Led Growth GTM blueprint. Venturing into uncharted waters, we have taken our first steps together and are celebrating our progress. We take pride in partnering with Exivity on GTM enhancements and establishing a foundation for sustainable growth.

Christian Politowski, VP, Strategic Sales & Digital Transformation Consulting at Exivity:

We are very pleased to have initiated our collaboration and immediately recognized IF as a vital component of our GTM strategy. They masterfully interconnect everything at a strategic level, while also being incredibly agile and focused. Their collaborative approach, along with the introduction of new frameworks and processes, closely aligns with our core values and has already begun to show progress in creating a sustainable growth engine.

Jeroen Hendriks, Founder & Chief Growth Officer at IF Associates:

We are grateful for the trust placed in our expertise and GTM methodology. Our approach thrives as we continuously refine it, drawing on market developments and the GTM executive certifications we've achieved in communities such as Pavilion. Clients like Exivity challenge us to improve and innovate collectively. We are humbled by the opportunity to contribute to Exivity's guiding principle and the cornerstone of their authentic story – 'Any Resource, Full Financial Control' – through this collaboration.

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