Inframotion strengthens its position of helping organizations extend the life cycle of their IT environment by defining how to reach their growth potential

24 February 2021

Inframotion, your partner for acquisition and sale of hardware and software has found in IF Associates their strategic partner to guide and help them in defining their growth potential. Inframotion has ambitious aims to grow their market share by acquiring customers in the service provider, telecom and end user segments that have the highest propensity to buy.

“IF brings energy and value from the moment you start engaging with them. Before we got a contract in place they helped us to discover how to grow through their growth discovery session. This gave us a concrete picture on where to focus in the market and where not, to realize our growth ambitions. We welcome them as a player in our team to move Inframotion forward. Unlocking our global growth potential and start building up our foundation for marketing and sales”, says Floris Tóth, Partner at Inframotion.

Inframotion are looking to IF to help them deliver ambitious growth targets, wanting to grow revenues by over 200% over the next 18-months. Working together the team will start with implementing and adopting the IF formula, a new approach in which they will jointly generate revenue and strengthen customer relationships.

The subscription with Inframotion is designed for growth. At the outset of the engagement the IF team spent time working with Inframotion to profile and identify those target customers whose needs and values were best aligned to Inframotion and their capability. This has given immediate results with more time spent with the right type of customer on the channels and platforms they are on.

“We are very excited to become part of the team of Inframotion and help in making their growth strategy a reality. Grateful and humble to have the opportunity to help Inframotion to stay the one-stop-shop for successful and ambitious service providers, telco’s and end users across the globe that want IT infrastructure last longer and operate more efficiently through its lifecycle. An important result is that this contributes to a more sustainable world.”, Liesbeth de Rooij, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at IF Associates.

“We see IF as our strategic partner to guide us how to grow and where to focus in the global market space. So we can jointly focus our efforts on building up relationships with our customers by being on the channels and platforms they are.”

Floris Tóth, Partner at Inframotion

The road we are taking with the IF formula gives Inframotion the opportunity to build the foundation for the future in combination with laser focused execution, while at the same time having a positive impact on Inframotion’s time to market, business sustainability and costs.

For further information, please contact:

Jeroen Hendriks, Co-Founder and CRO, IF Associates B.V., tel. +31 624856467

Floris Tóth, Partner, Inframotion, tel. +31 639848572


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