Leadership & Talent

We can't wait to welcome all leaders and talented people to reach out to us. Just for you to know, at IF leadership is not a position.

By creating the right environment everybody has it  to be a leader. We don't care too much about your resume and state what you have achieved. We like to hear your story, explore your talents and how you want to make a difference into the future. But first let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

A small introduction to our story

In 10 years of collaboration and the drive to develop ourselves and challenge each other on a daily frequency, we were a step ahead in the market, paving the way into the future.  And “yes” FAIL (First Attempt In Learning) we did, to be able to innovate! Challenging ourselves to become better every day based on our defined vision and while adding the FUN ingredient, true magic occurred. We can't wait to hear your story!



IF you don’t try
IF you don’t challenge the status-quo
IF you don’t evolve or innovate, nothing changes
IF you try
IF you dare thinking out of the box, you will be able to pave the pathway of the future
IF you don’t have fun, it is worthless.

Reach out to us!