Our purpose drives us

Our purpose is our compass, it inspires us and drives us by the things we do.

To inspire, activate and help organizations and their people to grow, be happy and to unlock success through the power of commercial togetherness.

People in the heart, value from the start.

Our vision & mission

We are on a mission to fulfill our vision. Want to join us in this journey? As a customer, partner or talent in our team, we love to work with amazing people. We look so much forward to discover making a difference together with you.

Our vision 
A world in which organizations have people in the heart to become value driven from the start.

Our mission
IF Associates is a growth & happiness innovator in the subscription economy with deep strategic, commercial  and cross-departmental expertise and experience, delivering unconventional and innovative commercial-based programs and services that realize growth and happiness, generate recurring revenue, lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value.


The story behind our brand

Making Impact, while having Fun
- Liesbeth de Rooij & Jeroen Hendriks

When we decided to start our company, one thing was clear. We want to make Impact, but what is it worth without having Fun. That is where the first ideas for our brand arised. Combining the first two letters is where the imagination starts. IF you don't try, IF you don't challenge the status quo, IF....

The other thing we were sure about is that we want to become part of our customer's commercial team. That is when IF Associates was born.

With our global working experience, fit with the English language and ambition to grow internationally, we decided to use English for all our content. Maybe it is not always perfect, but we hope it will bring value. IF you prefer your own language, choose Google Chrome as browser, click translate at the top, or right-click anywhere on the page and click translate. As easy as it can be :-)


What we live and breathe

Our cultural values

  • Your growth & happiness  = our success
  • We don't sell services, we are part of your team
  • We bring energy
  • The power of togetherness
  • People in the heart, value from the start
  • Keep growing and helping others to grow
  • Taking responsibility, loving accountability
  • F.A.I.L (First Attempt In Learning) to innovate and to stay relevant
  • Making the impossible, possible
  • Challenging the status-quo
  • Breaking silos & building bridges