The foundation to
realize fast, sustainable
& scalable growth

You will get control over your funnel/bow-tie with our unique DNA-ICP: increase in conversions, winrates, deal size and CLV

Being succesfull together: shared focus, kpi's and strong collaboration based on a shared belief

People development & happiness
Bringing the teams to the next level with the right enablement to go to market where the magic happens

Inject why you exist in your storytelling and -selling. That is what makes you unique and leaves a footprint

Building block 0

Aligning the team around the common purpose

Great brands have a strong purpose


Finding/clarifying why you exist: exploring the intersection of purpose + profit

Making everyone part of diving deep into your why as foundation of what you live and breathe


  • Redefined/localized Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values

  • Shared understanding of the impacat of purpose in strategic selling


Building block 1

Defining growth and how teams measure success & progress

Listening to the team

Getting the right external & internal insights to define what success looks like


  • Auditing the state of your togetherness & transformation journey to become better every day

  • Leadership explaining growth objectives and team defines shared success KPI's


  • Next stage defined in transformation journey

  • A growth calculator that defines volume, velocity & conversion to reach your revenue goals

  • Shared KPI's & goals

Building block 2

Create processes to define customers with the highest values

Who are the customers we want

Defining  & finding high-value customers based on our DNA-ICP with our unique approach

The entire team is involved in creating the criteria like how the ideal customer looks (e.g.demographics, culture, values)


  • A DNA-ICP profile

  • Having a defined focus on customers with the highest propensity to land & expand

Building block 3

Understand together how to engage with DMU

Know your buyers, what they value and how they buy

A collaborative approach to stakeholders in the DMU, messaging & value proposition

Deep understanding of the buyers to bring the team to the next level (content, communication, outbound & sales)


  • The team feels enabled to engage with the entire buying group, what they value and how they buy

  • Messaging mapped to buying process

Building block 4

Connecting your purpose & brand to a topic to claim in the market

Taking an unfair competative advantage

A trust-worthy topic that resonates with the audience 

Creating a topic as a team that appeals others to join you in that movement (colleagues, investors, customers, society)

A purpose-driven topic, distinctive messaging and storytelling

' Fighting for art; the voice of humanity" - ' Making IT Carbon free' - ' Serving the market by growth trough togetherness' 

Building block 5

Getting an account-centric approach in place

Where teams support each other

Connecting Sales & Marketing process & activities to buying process & activities
Defining roles & responsibilities in each stage of the selling process of the entire funnel or bow-tie

Account-centric approach for BDR's/Sales/Marketing/Customer success

Building block 6

First attempts in learning playing the game different

Ready to go to market where the magic happens

Ensuring that team adopts and implements the togetherness-led growth gtm model by coaching
Creating ONE playbook for the teams

The teams work smarter, have more fun and realize a faster time to impact
Togetherness-led Growth  GTM Playbook