Cracking outcomes for your company

1. Customers with the highest propensity to buy
2. Go into the market where the magic happens
3. Content & conversation that resonates
4. You know where your customers are
5. A commercial dream team
6. A running engine

Happy employees & long-lasting happy customers

IF Formula programs

Start with mastering the IF formula.

The only formula in the market that provides the glue between the accountabilities of revenue, marketing, sales and purpose-driven leaders to achieve predictable recurring revenue growth

Are you ready to change the formula in which you generate revenue and deliver value today? 

Each program of your choice is building the foundation for the future in combination with laser focused execution with your talent.


IF Formula program 1

Finding my true customers with the highest propensity to buy.


IF Formula program 2

Building your Go-To-Market where the magic happens


IF Formula program 3

Creating human and resonanting content & conversations.


IF Formula program 4

Being on the platforms your buyers are.

Dream Team

IF Formula program 5

Enabling your commercial dream team.

Demand Engine

IF Formula program 6

Accelarerating the Demand Engine.


IF program Universe of Growth

Creating long-lasting happy customers


IF program Customer Advocacy

Where customers become advocates